Do You Think I'm Stupid?

Mr. Obama said it....
"They must think you are stupid."
Stupid to believe that McCain/Palin are "change agents." Change is
becoming this campaigns' ping pong ball and we are missing the point.
Gandhi said, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
Be it. Don't talk about it, don't pontificate about it. Be It. Action
word. Demonstrative. Maybe Nike just drafted off that great statesman
and made us all "Just do it."

Whatever, the call to action is now. Be it.

Jung said "Only that which changes, remains true." Truth --
unvarnished, well-vetted and precise.

My favorite quote is from The Princess Bride by William Goldman. In
it, a street savvy young man hardened by the realities of the world,
tells the princess..." Life is pain and anyone who tells you
different is selling something."

Life is pain, hard, unfair and yet also achingly beautiful and
transformative when we are walking toward truth.

When the Republicans had their convention and there were signs held
high with the monikers...."G.I. John and Superwoman" I knew we were in
trouble. They were selling a fantasy!

See, we are not stupid, we are humans, we can think and listen and
learn. But if what we are taught is corrupt lies and if we are
fed the "family truth" then we are not stupid, we are brainwashed.
G.I. John and Superwoman take them away from being mortal humans and
put them in to the comic book hero status, Teflon coated,
impenetrable and as we are seeing today, in the case of Mrs. Palin,
not even held accountable in an interview.

We are not stupid, but we are gullible, to fear, lies, misinformation
and calculated deceit and that is what we are now up against and
where we need to demonstrate the real change.