Do You Think Johnny Manziel Flipped Off A Judge Behind His Back?

Let's hope he didn't do so on purpose.

Johnny Manziel appeared in a Dallas courtroom on Thursday morning for his first hearing after a grand jury indicted him on a misdemeanor assault charge against ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley.

He turned himself in on Wednesday and was released on $1,500 bond. 

This morning's hearing was supposed to be rather uneventful. Dallas Judge Roberto Cañas set the conditions of Manziel's bond, ordering him to stay away from Crowley, the victim in his case, and to not possess any firearms. Manziel is free to go until a June 24 docket hearing, but depending on how you feel about the above GIF, he'll return to court in June with a sour attitude. 

During the televised hearing, one Twitter user noticed Manziel's hands were positioned in a particularly peculiar way.

Well, then! It's natural to think that Manziel, given his immature and worrisome party-rock offseason (he's currently an NFL free agent), would totally flip off the judge. It folds right into the popular narrative surrounding his image. Out of all the important things in his life (family, friends, what's good with tonight) of course it's his domestic violence case that he's rebelling on the low. 

Flipping the judge off would be peak Manziel, and some are seeing it that way, too:

More skeptical observers just don't see it, and it's perfectly plausible that Manziel's hands just happened to fold into a tangle of fingers resembling a behind-the-back-bird, with no malice or any purposeful digs behind it. 

Manziel's charges carry a maximum sentence of one year in jail and a $4,000 fine. That's a fact. Whether or not he flipped off the judge behind his back today? Well, that's for you and your biases and/or objectivity to grapple with.  



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