Do You Think We Should Tax the SUN?

It often feels like we’re living in an alternate universe lately. The insanity coming out of Washington D.C. feels somewhat like living in a Saturday Night Live skit or on Planet Teflon. Didn’t they use to call him Teflon Don? I would prefer to call him Teflon Gone.

There are some positives that have come from this cartoon administration like the increase in memberships and donations for the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. I feel grateful for that and proud to be a contributor to both.

I’m not sure how we, my husband and I, would survive without pulling our hair out or getting ulcers if it weren’t for Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, and Seth Meyers. At times like these, laughter is the best medicine!

After thinking about that it occurred to me that there aren’t any comedy shows or satire coming from the right. His followers don’t seem to have a sense of humor and certainly, cannot laugh at themselves. I think that speaks volumes. We know how thin skinned their leader is.

I get angry when I think about how he’s used his base supporters in the worst possible way. His campaign was nothing but lies and even now when he hasn’t done anything he claimed he would do for them they’re still his sheep.

There was an interesting article in the Washington Post today about Macomb County, Michigan voters.

These non-college educated whites, who voted for Obama twice, voted for Trump. There’s no buyers remorse, they have no regrets about their presidential vote but, they don’t trust congressional Republicans. This group thinks Trump is sincere and the media is unfair. They love his ‘political incorrectness’!

Do you think if Hillary had won the election we would be this divided? I’m not sure but, I’m tired of the Us vs. Them ideology. This is so important when it comes to health care and environmental issues. These are things that protect everyone. It’s not a political issue. It’s a human rights issue. But, I suppose if you don’t read you can’t grasp the importance of it until it’s too late.

Full disclosure…I did not go to college. But, I am an avid reader who loves learning. I’ve always sought out the truth and paid close attention to how the world works. If someone wants me to believe them, they have to prove to me they are sincere.

The group from Macomb County, MI could be my family. There was no reverence for education in my family and no one had a career. If they were lucky they had a steady job. This false idol they love so much has done nothing but dupe them and, poor fools, don’t see it.

The puppet in the White House, (Putin’s puppet?), they admire so much may have gone to college but, he’s no smarter than they are. Slyer, maybe, but not very smart. You might say, “Oh, he’s sly like a fox.” There may be something to that analogy but, it’s the people who surround him that are pulling the strings.

They’ve mastered the game of distraction. “Oh look! A shiny object!” The shiny object today was his leaked 2005 tax return. It was only two pages but that was enough to draw attention away from his health care maneuvering and his connections to Russia.

If it came to light that he had cheated unmercifully on his taxes all these years his base wouldn’t budge. They would try to emulate him! What bothers me most is the number of people we have in Congress who are as dumb as drumpf’s base.

Did you hear the one about the congressman from Missouri who thinks if we’re going to tax tanning beds we should tax the sun?

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