Do You Truly Understand Who You're Up Against?

Dear most of the GOP (and some cowardly Democrats),

I'm going to save the "shame on you" and tell you that I totally get it. Why would you vote for expanded background checks and tighter restrictions on who can purchase guns? Did your mother get killed while she shielded your body? Did your partner get shot in the back while trying to protect you? Were you directly affected by the largest mass shooting in United States history? I believe the answers are: No, No, and Not at all.

It seems to follow a pattern though. To say that you weren't pleased with "the gays" getting the right to marry is an understatement. Why would the massacre of 49 LGBTQ people and their allies be of any concern to you? Some of you changed your opinions and offered support to the LGBTQ community after you realized that your sons and daughters identify with us more than they identify with you. Some of you likely offered your support so that you weren't the next one to be caught in an airport bathroom.

Do me a favor though. Don't offer your prayers; we don't need them. You've seen the vigils; you've seen the marches. Our community will be just fine -- AFTER we take down the NRA. See, because what you've failed to realize, GOP, is that the LGBTQ community was built on family. Not your "traditional" family and the "traditional" family values you all love to bitch and moan about. No, what we have is so much stronger. Too many of our brothers and sisters had to struggle after their biological families disowned them or shamed them. Our ancestors - in the spiritual sense, not the genealogical sense -- fought to be recognized when an unknown virus started killing them by the thousands. They fought -- and we fought -- to have their love be federally recognized.

So take as long as you want to keep denying all of that legislation. Your denial fuels our fire. Your "nays" give us life. All of your inaction inspires our action. We'll see how many of you succeed in November, because we're going to put all of our efforts toward your defeat. And if you do succeed, we'll be right there the next time around.

To partially quote RuPaul: Gentlemen, start your engines. And may the best community ... WIN!

Our engines started 49 bodies ago.


Vin Testa, a gay.