Do You Work for a Great Company?

Do You Work for a Great Company?
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A successful company meets it's revenue goals and continues to grow. But a great company does that in addition to creating an environment where their people are excited to be there and passionate about investing a huge portion of their time to that business and it's goals. It also helps their employees express their professional brilliance in a way that is a benefit to both the organization and the individual. Do you work for a great company? Read the questions below to find out:

Give yourself a point for every question answered with a YES.

1. Are you proud to say you work at your organization?

2. Does your company have a clear Vision and Mission that is known and shared throughout the organization?

3. Are you aligned with your company's Vision and Mission - meaning you know what it is and it resonates and aligns with your own?

4. Does your company leadership team encourage role flexibility - are you able to shift projects and business objectives around to fit your talent?

5. Do you trust your leadership team and do you believe they consider their people a top priority?

6. Is it made clear to you how to be promoted and what skills are required to go to the next level?

7. Do your managers encourage you to give feedback on them and provide helpful feedback to you in return?

8. Do you have the available tools you need to improve your own development as a leader, resulting in real actionable difference?

9. Do you feel that your own personal values are reflected in the values of your organization's culture?

10. Are you motivated to do whatever it takes to make the company succeed and achieve it's results?

8-10 Yes. Congrats, you are working for a great company. One that is happy to help you bring your talent and passion to the forefront in a way that is a "win win for all." Your performing at your best and your colleagues and company are benefiting from your enthusiasm and ability to achieve results beyond what you thought were possible.

6-7 Yes. Your company is working towards greatness. There are some key principles in place that could lead to it. If you said yes to numbers 1 and 10 then there is huge potential for you personally. Be pro-active about your value and challenge your leadership to respond. They are most likely going to be open to your ideas. Take the lead in helping develop key pieces that may be missing in their ability to leverage their talent. If they don't respond, then you have the information you need to think through other alternatives.

3-5 Yes. Your company may be headed toward greatness, but some heavy lifting is going to be required for them to get there. Look into it and decide if you can make a difference or if they are too far off the mark for your fulfillment. You may want to leave or figure out how you can play a significant role in shifting their perspective on talent.

1-2 Yes. Sorry your company is not great. In fact, they may be living in the ice age in terms of their focus on people and talent. Review why you are there -- figure out if it's for the money or the stability. It's up to you how you deal with this situation, but know that doing some research on other jobs may be an inspiring next step. Knowledge is power and remember, doing work that doesn't energize you is most likely not your best fit. Possibilities are endless, if you commit to making some changes.

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