Donald Trump Jr. Accuses 'SNL' Of Bullying Kanye West; Twitter Can't Stand The Irony

"Do you pay any attention to what your father says and tweets?"

Donald Trump Jr. called out “Saturday Night Live” for “bullying” Kanye West, prompting incredulous Twitter users to call him out.

West wore a red MAGA hat on “Saturday Night Live” for a performance before the final credits. After the show was over, Kanye continued to walk the stage with his mike and presented a rambling, conspiracy-laced defense of his controversial support for President Donald Trump as some in the audience booed.

West later tweeted that he had “so much fun” on “SNL” and was looking forward to one day returning as a host.

Twitter didn’t let Trump Jr. get away with his “SNL” slam, particularly one from the son of the “national bully”: