Donald Trump Jr., Of All People, Denounces Fancy Schools And Elitism

Did he forget who he is?

CLEVELAND ― Donald Trump Jr., son of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and the executive vice president of his dad’s company, denounced “fancy degrees” and called for a country that promotes competition and meritocracy while speaking at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday. 

“To this day, many of the top executives in our company are individuals that started out as blue collar,” the younger Trump told the audience, emphasizing that his father employs regular working people that others would otherwise look over due to their lack of “fancy colleges and degrees.”

“We didn’t learn from MBAs,” said Trump, who attended the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, just like his father. 

“We learned from people who had doctorates in common sense,” he continued, referencing employees of his father that he and his siblings spent time with.

Trump continued to criticize the new aristocratic America, which he said is built on networks “of patronage and influence” filled with “self-satisfied people at the top.”

The elder Trump stressed last year how hard he worked to build his empire.

“It has not been easy for me. I started off in Brooklyn. My father gave me a small loan of a million dollars,” he said of his humble beginnings. “I came into Manhattan, and I had to pay him back, and I had to pay him back with interest.”



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