Doctor Dresses Up As Chewbacca To Tell Young 'Star Wars' Fan They Found A Heart Donor

What a heartwarming moment. ❤️️

News this good should be delivered in a very special way.

Fifteen-year-old Austin Eggleston, a die-hard “Star Wars” fan, was placed on a heart transplant list four months ago and transferred to Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago as he awaited a donor. Austin had multiple congenital heart defects, according to the Charlotte Observer.

On Saturday, the boy and his family, from Pontiac, Illinois, got the news they were waiting for. And as promised, Austin’s cardiologist, Dr. Phillip Thrush, arrived dressed as Chewbacca to tell Austin that they found a donor and match. Video of the encounter has since gone viral ― with more than 600,000 views on Facebook and an additional 78,000 on Twitter.

“We got a heart?” Austin asked as Chewbacca entered his room. “Do we seriously have a heart? Holy balls!”

In an interview with Chicago ABC News news station WLS, Austin’s mom, Mary Anglin, said, “To see him knowing that he has a chance at life, that he has a chance to achieve so many things leaves you speechless.” She also expressed her gratitude for the family who made the decision to donate the organ.

Austin’s family has been keeping friends posted on his health status over Facebook since he received his heart transplant Saturday. He is reportedly doing well.

Most recently, the family shared a quote with followers.

One month earlier, Austin tweeted at Marvel, asking the studio to host a screening of “Avengers: Infinity War” at the children’s hospital for kids who cannot leave to go to a theater. 

“Please @Marvel as someone who loves you guys I want this!” he wrote. With the attention from the Chewbacca video, Marvel might take notice.