Doctor To Run Across The U.S. In Support Of Kids' Health Care

Levi Rizk will run more than 3,000 miles to raise funds for two mobile clinics, which will be dedicated to uninsured children.

One man is using his passion for long-distance running to a make a difference. 

Ultramarathoner Levi Rizk, a doctor from a small town in Virginia, plans to run over 3,000 miles in 100 days to raise money and awareness for health care accessibility. The funds from the run will go toward building two mobile clinics, which will provide free primary medical care to uninsured patients up to 21 years old. 

"The idea behind a pediatric clinic on wheels stemmed from the fact that children are helpless ... it always depends on another person in the equation," he said. "When you make it accessible for children, it changes a lot of things."

Rizk is working with The Hope Association, a faith-based community service organization that aims to inspire its volunteers to tap into their passions and give back, to get the mobile clinics up and running. According to The Hope Association, 7.7 million kids in the United States do not have "regular, full-year access to needed health care services," so the clinics will travel into communities to make the free services more convenient. 

Rizk kicks off his run, which will go from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., this September and is encouraging everyone to get involved with the campaign

"I feel that it's our duty to care for those children. The journey is not just mine. It's each and everyone's responsibility," he said. "I ask everyone to step it up and take initiative in their own life and be part of this campaign, be part of a greater change for our country."

Learn more about the run in the video above. 



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