Former 'Doctor Who' Star Colin Baker Hints The 14th Doctor Will Be Black

"All I can say is, watch the next regeneration."

Former “Doctor Who” star Colin Baker believes it is high time that a black actor played the lead role in the BBC’s long-running sci-fi series.

During a panel at San Diego’s Comic-Con on Thursday, he said it “should have happened by now” and appeared to hint that it may even occur in the next regeneration.

The white male dominance of the role has been nothing if not timid,” Baker, who played the sixth Doctor from 1984 to 1986, said per Mashable.

After noting how BBC bosses had “broken the bravery barrier” in casting Jodie Whittaker as the first female Doctor, he then gave hope of further diversity on the cult show by adding: “All I can say is, watch the next regeneration.”

Jodie Whittaker is the first woman to be cast in the leading role on "Doctor Who."
Jodie Whittaker is the first woman to be cast in the leading role on "Doctor Who."

“Think of ‘Star Trek.’ They’ve had female captains. They’ve had non-white captains,” he said at the convention.

“All sorts of races have appeared, because they see a future world where that is irrelevant and it’s perhaps time that ‘Doctor Who’ and its fans did too,” Baker added.

While many fans have welcomed Whittaker’s appointment as the 13th Time Lord, it’s also sparked an avalanche of sexist comments ― which the BBC did its best to shut down via this satisfying statement.

Even Baker’s predecessor in the role, Peter Davison, suggested Whittaker may not be right for the role because it means “the loss of a role model for boys who I think Doctor Who is vitally important for.”

Baker, who has four daughters, dismissed Davison’s statement as “absolute rubbish.” 

“They’ve had 50 years of having a role model,” he said.