'Doctor Who' Recap: 'The Bells Of Saint John' Reintrodues Clara ... Sort Of

Note: Do not read on if you have not yet seen Season 7, Episode 6 of BBC America's "Doctor Who," titled "The Bells of Saint John."
Well, Whovians, our beloved Doctor is finally back, but the reason for the existence of his mysterious new companion continues to elude us. As expected, series showrunner and episode writer Steven Moffat didn't reveal much about Clara's "how" in this episode, which mainly just provides the opportunity for the Doctor and Clara to reunite. The lack of information concerning her existence still isn't frustrating me, since watching the chemistry between Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman is so entertaining. Witnessing the bond form between the Doctor and his new companion is part of the "Doctor Who" experience, and this relationship is definitely going to be one of the most popular ones in the series' history.

Fans who viewed the prequel to "The Bells of Saint John" know that this episode marks the fourth time the Doctor encounters Clara Oswald. Her current (re?)incarnation continues her role as a nanny (sort of), except this time she's extremely technically-challenged. While the Doctor -- who's handling tech support from the year 1207 in Cumbria -- tries walking Clara through the process of selecting a WiFi network, she ends up clicking on the dodgy network viewers were warned about at the beginning of the episode. This begins Clara's download onto the data cloud at a corporation led by Kyzlet that's harvesting the minds and souls of humans for her client the Great Intelligence, the villain from the Christmas special. Yeah, that thing's back.

Luckily, the Doctor is able to save Clara from the creepy little girl/Spoonhead/walking WiFi base station that's come to collect her, although he eventually has to whisk her away in the TARDIS. After foiling a plane crash without spilling a drop of tea (the most unbelievable part of the episode), the Doctor and Clara travel to tomorrow morning, hoping to gain an advantage over their pursuers. Unfortunately, Kyzlet and her cronies have access to all the CCTV cameras in London and are able to track them down to an outdoor café. While Kyzlet harasses the Doctor with all of the people she can control via WiFi and her tablet, Clara works on hacking the servers at Kyzlet's company, since her return from the cloud also allowed her to come back with knowledge she didn't have before. She's able to locate the group at the Shard in London, but she's then attacked by a Spoonhead resembling the Doctor.

Since the Doctor is always one step ahead of everyone else, he ends up sending his Spoonhead clone to Kyzlet and uploads her to the data cloud. The only way to get Kyzlet out is to release everyone from the cloud, so all those imprisoned in the network are released. However, the Great Intelligence hasn't been defeated, and it's sure to make an appearance again before the season ends.

As for the Doctor and Clara: he's supposed to come back for her the following day around 7, since she won't leave with him right away. Cheeky girl. She's not giving in to the Doctor and his prominent chin that quickly.

Random Notes

Although Clara doesn't retain any of the memories from the different times she's lived, she manages to keep certain aspects of her character between appearances. She was a nanny during the Christmas special and a nanny now, and during this episode she becomes a computer genius, skills she employed during "Asylum of the Daleks." Her desire to travel is why she's willing to join the Doctor, and it's also the reason she joined the crew of the doomed "Alaska." I'm still not sure what twist Moffat is going to throw at us, but he's definitely revealing clues. Do you have any theories yet?

After being released from the cloud, Kyzlet and her minions returned with what seemed to be their original memories, with Kyzlet even coming back as a child. I'm not sure what to make of this or how it'll tie-in to the rest of the season, but I'm sure it means something.

I'm betting the mysterious "lady in the shop" who provided the TARDIS' phone number to Clara for tech support is none other than River Song. And I'm only expecting to be wrong about this the tiniest bit.

My vote for best line of the night: calling the TARDIS a mobile phone because, "It's a surprisingly accurate description."

Did you catch that "Summer Falls" was written by Amelia Williams? Sigh. You're always in our hearts, Amy and Rory!

I'm secretly hoping "No one loves cattle more than Burger King," becomes a popular phrase in 2013 because honestly, why not? 

"Doctor Who" airs Saturdays, 8 p.m. ET on BBC America.

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