'Doctor Who,' 'The Snowmen': 5 Things To Know About The Christmas Special

"Doctor Who" is getting a new companion in "The Snowmen," the 2012 Christmas special, but it's not exactly smooth sailing from the beginning.

HuffPost TV attended an early screening of the holiday episode that sees Matt Smith's Doctor meet Jenna-Louise Coleman's Clara and while we've been sworn to secrecy about certain elements, there are some teasers you can enjoy. Hopefully these hold you over until the December 25.

  • There's a good amount of comedy. Yes, the Doctor has lost his previous companions, but that hasn't stopped Steven Moffat from infusing a good amount of humor into the script.

  • "The Snowmen" features more than one nod and hat tip to some of TV's most popular shows. Three words for you: "Winter is coming." Moffat fans will know the other references when they see it.
  • Fear not! Jenna-Louise Coleman and Matt Smith are dripping with chemistry. It's a new era for "Doctor Who."
  • The Christmas special features a big name guest star ... but you never actually see him or her.
  • Pond is key to the story.
  • "The Snowmen" airs Tuesday, December 25 at 9 p.m. EST on BBC America.

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