The New 'Doctor Who' Trailer Is Darker Than Ever Before

The Doctor is back.

From script leaks circling the Internet to a rough cut of the newest season's first episode making its online debut a month before the show is set to air, "Doctor Who" fans hoping to avoid spoilers for Season 8 of the BBC series haven't had it easy. But finally, some footage has surfaced that is actually network-approved.

The British series unveiled its first full-length trailer for the next installment of the time-traveling drama during Sunday's World Cup final, and it looks like the new Doctor is going dark. In the minute-long clip, Peter Capaldi, who's the twelfth actor to step into the Time Lord's shoes, informs Clara (Jenna Coleman) that the duo are headed "into darkness" before the audience is teased with everything from sinister-looking robots to a giant prehistoric lizard roaming around London. The end of the teaser sees the Doctor asking his companion if she thinks he's a "good man." Answer: we don't know.

Season 8 of "Doctor Who" premieres Aug. 23 on BBC One.



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