'This Is Our Lane': Doctors Slam NRA After Chicago Hospital Shooting

Four people were killed during a shooting on Monday at Chicago's Mercy Hospital & Medical Center.

Less than two weeks after the National Rifle Association launched an attack on “self-important anti-gun doctors,” a mass shooting at a Chicago hospital left at least four people dead.

Emergency room doctor Tamara O’Neal, 38, and pharmacy resident Dayna Less, 25, were shot and killed by an unidentified gunman following a domestic dispute at the Mercy Hospital & Medical Center on Monday. Police officer Samuel Jimenez, 28, who recently completed his new hire probationary period, was also slain.

The suspect died at the scene from a gunshot wound, although it is unclear whether it was self-inflicted or from officers.

Earlier this month, the NRA wrote that physicians with a “collective hobby” of “opining on firearms” should “stay in their lane”:

Following the shooting in Chicago, medical professionals took to social media to once again stress that treating bullet wounds and working to save the lives of those affected by gun violence actually was their “lane”:

Clarification: Language in this piece describing Dayna Less’ position at the hospital has been amended to specify that she was a pharmacy resident, not a pharmacy assistant.

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