Dodd Nixes Elizabeth Warren Recess Appointment Option

As far as the Democratic base is concerned, the best choice to head up the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is Elizabeth Warren. And the Obama administration agrees that Warren is well-qualified to head up the agency essentially inspired by her. But confirming E-Dubs, that's another story! That would take political will or large Congressional majorities or something. And so there's a lingering doubt whether Warren is "confirmable."

Robert Gibbs is among those who think Warren's confirmation is doable. However, Senator Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.) disagrees, telling TPM's Brian Beutler, "I don't know, that's the question, how does he know that?"

Ahh, but what about using one of those recess appointment thingies? As our own Sam Stein reported today, the White House is "hint[ing] strongly" that some recess appointments are in the offing for the upcoming August recess. Dodd tells Beutler that this would be a really bad idea:

"I think that would be a huge mistake," Dodd said, in response to a question from TPMDC. "Recess appointments. No, no, no."

"I think those are, you know, Republicans used to do it, I think that's a mistake," Dodd added. "Except in the most extreme circumstances where you need someone because of an emergency pending, but as a routine matter, I think it's a fundamental mistake."

Oh! Well, you never know, maybe some "extreme circumstances" or a "pending emergency," like a massive unemployment crisis or a huge financial collapse will crop up one of these days!

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