Dodgers Eagle Celebrates Independence By Flying Away During Pregame Ceremony

The eagle hasn't landed.

Happy 4th of July. #dodgers #eagles #baldeagle #flight #independenceday #lazoo

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The spirit of Independence Day was strong in Dodger Stadium on Monday.

As part of the Fourth of July festivities, the Dodgers had all the usual patriotic sports accompaniments, including a giant American flag and not one, but two bald eagles provided by the Los Angeles Zoo

The eagles were supposed to fly over the stadium and land by a handler, but one of them seized the moment and had an Independence Day of his own, circling the ballpark... approaching the handler... and then making a break for freedom. 

Clips posted online show staff beyond the outfield fence scrambling as the bird flew out of the park. 

AP reporter Greg Beacham said on Twitter that the eagle was eventually caught in the parking lot and returned to the zoo, but that didn't stop the breakaway bird from becoming a hero on social media:  



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