Does Connectivity Mean Availability?

The first thing most people do in the morning is check their email, before they go to bed? Email. On vacation? Email! It's safe to say we are always "connected" which means that we always have access to social technologies but also to our work platforms such as collaboration tools and email. However, just because we are always connected doesn't mean that we always need to be available. This is a big challenge that many of us are faced with and as we move towards an even MORE connected world this separation will become increasingly difficult. In this episode of The Future in 5 I talk about some strategies that employees and managers can use to help make sure that connectivity and availability aren't muddled together. I'm also very curious to hear your feedback and ideas. How do you separate the two in your life? Do you take technology breaks? Do you set boundaries with your managers and co-workers? Share your story below!

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