Does Diversity Matter Outside of TV Ads for Bruce Rauner?

I've been watching, with great interest, Bruce Rauner's TV ads -- view here and here -- and it certainly creates the impression that he places a high value on diversity. Several African-Americans, Latinos and women appear in the ads.

Especially given Rev. Jesse Jackson's push for diversity in corporate America, this piqued my interest because Rauner comes from the financial industry, which isn't known as a haven for diversity -- on either Wall Street or LaSalle Street. (Remember his fellow alumnus from Bain Capital Mitt Romney's comments about, "Binders full of women?")

So I reviewed GTCR's website, the private equity firm founded by Rauner in 1980, and from which he retired in 2012.

By my count, of the 51 people on the GTCR staff website, I found:

0 African Americans

1 Latino (a)

3 Asians

6 Women

So, Bruce Rauner could not attract and retain a single African-American to his firm, only one Latino and just six women?