Does Rauner have his facts right?

With the November election now just five weeks away, both candidates for Illinois governor are campaigning at full-speed ahead. But Rich Miller of Capitol Fax says Republican Bruce Rauner should check his facts before making claims about his Democratic opponent Gov. Pat Quinn.

From Miller:

Just a quick note to Bruce Rauner: The next time you try to claim that Gov. Pat Quinn is "personally" under federal investigation (an allegation that, as far as anyone can tell, is not true), it's probably best not to say it while standing next to a different governor who actually is "personally" under federal investigation.

Rauner held a relatively brief press conference last week to talk about Chicago's violence problem with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie at his side. Rauner attempted to claim that Quinn was somehow responsible for the murder of a nine year old boy by a convict on probation - even though it appears right now that all state laws and procedures were followed. And not mentioned, of course, is that Newark, NJ has a murder rate almost twice that of Chicago, which sorta undercut Christie's contention that Gov. Quinn had "failed" to protect Illinois' public safety.

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