Rihanna's 'You Da One' Video Copies Photographer Solve Sundsbo? (VIDEO)

While most of us watched Rihanna's new music video for 'You Da One' in an entranced fugue state, mouse hovering over the 'replay' button, amazingly someone was smart enough to notice 'hey, this looks familiar.' Rihanna might be in trouble for copying an artist's vision in her video, and not for the first time.

Rihanna recently settled a lawsuit with photographer David LaChapelle for an undisclosed sum over copying his photographic vision in her 'S&M' video. But apparently America's favorite bad girl wasn't about to start playing by the rules.

Rihanna's new video is a black-and-white, 'Clockwork Orange' inspired romp chock-full of fishnets, leather and booty drops. But perhaps the most striking moment of the video is when a naked (or nude bodysuited, as it turns out,) Rihanna slithers around looking gorgeous while black and white geometric patterns are projected onto her skin. The result is simple, psychedelic, and totally brilliant.

The problem is it was also totally brilliant when Solve Sundsbo did pretty much the exact same thing for a 'Numero 93' shoot in 2008. The nakedness, the projections, the interplay of light and shadow... even the haircut. Check out Sundsbo's entire stunning shoot here.

Watch Rihanna's video below and let us know what you think: is Ri in for another trip to court? You may have to watch it a couple of times just to be sure...