Does Sleeping in a Bra Really Keep Your Boobs Perky?

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Remember back in middle school when slumber party chitchat revolved around what the hell was happening to your bodies? Especially your boobs? (Chances are you're still talking about them, now that babies are involved.) So once and for all, we're setting the record straight and--pun intended--busting these seven common boob myths.

Myth: Gaining weight means your boobs will get bigger. Here's the truth.


Myth: Sleeping in a bra prevents sagging. Here's the truth.


Myth: You can exercise to make your boobs bigger. Here's the truth.


Myth: Breast Implants last a lifetime. Here's the truth.


Myth: If you have small boobs, you don't have to wear a sports bra. Here's the truth.


Myth: If you find a lump in your breasts, it must be cancerous. Here's the truth.


Myth: Certain bras could cause cancer. Here's the truth.