Does Tech Improve Your Quality of Life?

Have you ever heard people say that technology is getting in the way of human interaction? Or that our high-tech, always-connected world is making us miserable?

I've seen those stories too. But what they don't mention is that tech is actually contributing to our happiness.

This week's Evidence of Abundance focuses on how technology is changing our quality of life.

The following graph comes from a 2012 report called "Happy Planet." It shows the degree of happiness in various countries according to their use of technology.


On the low-tech, low-happiness end of the spectrum, you see Tanzania. And on the high-tech, high-happiness end of the spectrum, you see the U.S. and Denmark, which is one of the happiest tech-savvy countries on the planet.

Regardless of what the naysayers believe about human interaction and social media, the data show us that the abundance of technology is actually increasing the abundance of happiness all over the world.

Here's an accompanying video blog for this Evidence of Abundance.

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