Does the Law of Attraction Exist?

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It’s been written about many times, both positively and negatively, but does the Law of Attraction exist? There are plenty of trains of thought around this and I’d like to give my take on it.

If you’re a sceptic, then off you go, there really isn’t any point in you hanging around to read this article as your mind is already made up. I’m not trying to convince anyone one way or the other, but just to give a perspective from my life experience - so far.

Still here? OK, you must be a little bit interested otherwise you’d be gone! Actually when I was young I was encouraged to be sceptical about things, so I understand. It protects us from loonies, phoneys and misguided fantasies, so scepticism can serve a purpose. The problem is that it can also block the mind from seeing reality.

Do You Have to Believe?

Some say that you only come to believe in this stuff when you experience it first-hand. Well guess what, if your mind is closed off to it, it ain’t ever gonna happen. This is where the sceptics jump in and say that’s just an excuse, a get-out clause for when the so called magic doesn’t happen.

I’d like to share two times that it’s happened in my life and the reason I know I attracted it. How can I know I know? Well let me explain.

The First Time it Happened

Ever since the age of about 15 I wanted to be a radio DJ. I loved radio, it excited me and I wanted to be a part of it. I thought about it constantly, I dreamed about it, I fantasied about it, I even pretended I was doing it!

Imagine being outside my bedroom hearing an obsessed teenager on the other side of the door talking to himself, saying things like, “Welcome to the show, thanks for tuning in, I’ve got some great music to play for you today” and other such inane, cliched phrases!

Well that was me, using my imagination, creating the dream in my mind and to be honest, probably appearing to be a bit of a strange kid. But so what, I was obsessed.

My school workbooks were covered in graffiti about radio stations, their frequencies, call signs, slogans - you name it, I wrote it down. I’m amazed I didn’t get into trouble for defacing the books but the teachers probably felt sorry for “that poor deluded kid”! Ha!

By around the age of 17 I’d spent many, many hours listening to the radio to learn how it was done and I loved music too. I saved up for a tape recorder and converted a couple of old record players into a makeshift studio - my bedroom, then began recording “radio” shows. I even made my own jingles!

Of course I was the only one who listened to those tapes (thank goodness), but I’d created a sort of reality for myself. This led to me applying to lots of radio stations to become their next DJ - I’ve still got the huge pile of rejection letters in my loft!

That was no reason to give up, I kept pushing forward, with my tapes eventually being used by a bus company to entertain passengers. I didn’t get paid for that, but so what, it wasn’t to make cash anyway. I had my own mobile disco, running it in a radio station kind of way, I never gave up on my dream.

When Dreams Become Realities

I’d been literally living the dream of becoming a radio DJ since around the age of 15. Then, aged 23 in June 1977, the dream became a reality. I landed my first radio job. It was on the other side of the world, but that wasn’t important to me. I’d actually done it!

I’m glad to say, that was only the beginning. My radio career lasted over 36 years and despite the ups and downs, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. To have a dream turn into reality really is one of the magical things in life.

So Does The Law of Attraction Exist?

Well does it exist? I think it does and this example is proof enough for me. I know my story is a bit long winded (you’ve got the short version you lucky person, as there’s a lot more of it), but look at how the end result was achieved.

Day and night, year after year I dreamt, felt, acted and believed I could do it. When I got knocked back, I stood up and tried again. Nothing was going to stop me, nothing did.

You could say that I was bound to succeed because of the effort I’d put in. You’re right, but for me, that effort is what caused the “attraction”. If I’d not tried hard enough, if my focus wasn’t laser sharp or I’d not created the emotion in my mind of having achieved my dream, it might never have become a reality.

This is what the Law of Attraction means to me. To get what you want, it’s no good just visualising, believing or dwelling on it. You have to get off your butt and take steps towards it. Constant action is essential, believing isn’t enough, you have to feel it, live it, be it. Let it consume you and don’t stop until it arrives.

How Do I Know?

The reason I know is because I hadn’t heard of the Law of Attraction until I was in my early 30’s - yes a late starter - or was I? I’d been practising it without knowing it. From my late teens until my early 20’s, without being aware, I had done all of the things the Law of Attraction says you should do in order to get what you want.

Of course there had been other things I wanted but didn’t get, but looking back I can see why. I hadn’t given them the same passion or focus as I had to my number one dream.

The strange thing is that I didn’t really think much about any of this until about five years ago, when I realised another of my wishes was coming true.

The Second Time it Happened

Radio is fantastic to work in, but is a fickle and quite false industry in many ways. It’s difficult to make it a lasting career, many do but many more don’t. You have to be good at it of course, but that isn’t always the qualification that sees you through.

I really wanted to make it into a long career and focused on that. I moved around, learned new skills and moved into management. My sights were on longevity. I achieved that, but there was a problem.

As I’ve already said, I did over 36 years in the industry and my focus had been to “last in it until towards the end of my working life”. That was a mistake because I wasn’t specific enough about what I wanted.

Although I still do some freelancing, I left full-time radio in 2013 after the company I was working for was sold. I chose to leave but would have preferred to carry on a few more years if circumstances were different.

Yes, I got what I’d focused on, a long career, but I hadn’t been clear on how long I wanted it to be. If I had, my path and end result might have been different.

What’s my Conclusion

The weird thing is that I’d not really considered or thought much about the first time it happened to me until the second time it happened. Somehow things fell into place and I could see how it works.

You might say it’s all coincidences and outside factors that have determined this, but that’s the sceptic’s view and it’s okay. For me though, I believe I can be in control of what I want by giving the passion and focus to it in the way I mentioned earlier.

Being clear and specific in your mind about what you’re going after is essential. It takes some balls to carry on after setbacks, to never give up believing and to see it through.

Does the Law of Attraction exist? It does for me, although it took me many years to understand it and it wasn’t what I first thought it was.

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