10 Ways To Tell If An Extrovert Is Into You (Or Is Just Being Friendly)

Hard to know, right?

By their very nature, extroverts are outgoing and approachable. That’s great for them, but not so great for anyone who’s trying to suss out if an extrovert crush feels similarly, or is just being friendly.

Luckily, the Psych2Go video above highlights a handful of signs an extrovert is getting their flirt on. One of the top signs? An invitation to hang out with their core group of friends.

“Their circle of friends is everything to them, so being invited to join his or her circle might just be a sign that they really like you,” the narrator explains. “If they’re constantly surrounded by their friends, the only real way they’re going to get to know you is if they bring you in.”

Watch the video for nine more signs an extrovert is into you. (You’re welcome, introverts.)

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