Does Your Business Have S.W.A.G?

By MaryEllen Tribby

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking my daughter Delanie to the Miami Open, an exclusive professional tennis tournament. The best tennis players in the world were there to compete and leave it all out on the court.

It was such a thrilling day, not only watching these amazing players, but also watching Delanie in total awe as she pursued autographs and selfies from grand slam winner Angelique Kerber, long time grinder David Ferrer, and up and comer Taylor Fritz (see her photo below).

But I have to say one of the most astonishing moments was when one of the sports all time greats Roger Federer walked right by us. Delanie's jaw literally dropped and her exact words were "Now that boy has some serious SWAG!"

And he did.

Even though Roger had several bodyguards you could practically see the swag exuding from his body.

SWAG Is Not Just For Athletes

Now you know what I am talking about. You see it in professional athletes all the time regardless of the sport.

Sometimes it's a flashy swag from a great basketball player like Kobe Bryant or a more refined swag from legendary quarter back, Payton Manning or a quiet playful swag from future hall of fame shortstop Derek Jeter - but swag still the same.

But here's the thing swag is not reserved for great athletes. Many people in all different professions have it. Ranging from movie stars to politicians. And of course great businesspeople have the swag gene as well.

And in the business world, it is what separates the ordinary from the extraordinary.

I remember having lunch with Richard Branson and fire walking with Tony Robbins and having the same feeling about them - SWAG!

Think about some other great business people who have it. Folks like:
  • Bono
  • Oprah
  • Mark Cuban
  • Larry Ellison
  • Mark Zuckerburg
  • Arianna Huffington
  • Diane Von Furstenberg
  • Larry Page
  • Bill Gates
Let's Break It Down

After Delanie's keen observation about Roger Federer, I really thought hard about this.

Clearly all of the above folks have SWAG. And even more importantly it is their SWAG that drives their business or cause. It is their SWAG that makes people want to buy from them and be around them.

I have many friends who gladly pay $75,000 to spend a week on Necker Island with Richard Branson. I know others who gratefully pay $50,000 for 30 minutes back stage with Bono.

Do you really think they would dish out this kind of cash if these people weren't dripping with SWAG - no way!

So whether you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, an author, a speaker, or a guru in any space, and you are constantly striving to grow your business, you need SWAG. This is what attracts and keeps customers.

So here is a simple formula you can use to gauge your SWAG and how it correlates to business success. I call it my SWAG Meter:

S = Self Confidence: People want to feel and be assured by you and your services. They want to know that you can help them grow, teach them new things, entertain them or solve a problem. This can only happen if you believe in yourself.

W = Wonderment: The definition of wonderment is "a feeling of being surprised or amazed". I know when I think of one of the people I mentioned earlier and their skill set, that is how I feel. Well actually, it is usually surprised AND amazed.

A = Assertiveness: This is where taking action comes into play. You cannot sit around waiting and wishing for something to happen. People with SWAG make it happen.

G = Greatness: Someone with SWAG hates being good or average. They strive day in and day out to be the best they can possibly be, to be the best in their field and to leave a legacy. They want to make a real difference not only in their marketplace but also for the world.

What's Your SWAG Grade?

If you are not sure if your business has enough SWAG, well take this simple quiz.

Each one of the four categories is worth 25 points,with 1 being the lowest and 25 being the highest.

Find out where you stand on the "SWAG Meter". Give yourself a score between 1 and 25 for Self Confidence, Wonderment, Assertiveness and Greatness, and then add up the numbers. What's your total?

Then grade your business like this:

90 - 100 Points: Excellent, you are most likely making some good money and helping a lot of people. Keep it going and give pointers and advice to others.

80 - 89 Points: Pretty good, but you should think about what you can improve upon to really step it up. I know you can get to the next level!

70 - 79 Points: You need to pay a lot more attention, as your business is not standing out. Look at other business in your niche that you admire. What do they have that you don't? What are they doing that you are not?

60 - 60 Points: You are probably not in the right business or don't have the right partners. It is time for a serious overhaul.

I am so glad you took the quiz. After all, awareness is the first step. Once you know where you stand you can consciously work on all of the SWAG components. If you scored a low grade in one or two areas, you have the power to improve it. So strive to advance every day.

After all your livelihood and lifestyle really does depend on your SWAG!