Does Your State Offer Student Loan Forgiveness?

Everyone buried in student loan debt wants one simple thing: to be debt free. Simple as that. Even better if someone could just "wave a magic wand" and the debt would disappear. Too bad it doesn't work that way... unless you find a student loan forgiveness program.

There are several Federal student loan forgiveness programs that help a lot of borrowers - Public Service Loan Forgiveness, Teacher Loan Forgiveness, and student loan forgiveness plans that are connected to certain income-based repayment plans.

But did you know that 45 out of 50 states offer student loan forgiveness programs for specific purposes in their state? And in some cases you could qualify for multiple student loan forgiveness programs (both Federal and state-based)?

Student Loan Forgiveness Plans By State

Here is an awesome resource that shares all of the student loan forgiveness programs and student loan repayment assistance plans that each state offers: Student Loan Forgiveness By State.


Simply click on your state and you'll see every program that you state offers. There are programs that help teachers, legal professionals, nurses, health care providers, and more. There are even programs that offer loan forgiveness just for living in certain areas of the state - nothing more is required!

If you're in student loan debt, take five minutes and see if you could possibly qualify for any assistance program from your state.