Speed Dating For Dogs: A New Opportunity To Rescue Animals?

WATCH: Speed Dating For Dogs

Move over, lonely humans. Dogs have entered the speed dating arena.

Kerry Sanders reports for The Today Show that dogs are now speed dating, "like so many single people just looking for some love." The distinction is that for these dogs, finding a date may mean the difference between life and death.

For the date featured in this video, about a dozen homeless dogs prepare for the speed dating session, with the ultimate goal of finding these dogs a caring owner who will adopt them.

According to Sanders, "This fun underscores a serious problem in the U.S. Too many dogs, not enough owners."

The Humane Society estimates that 3-4 millions dogs and cats are euthanized in the U.S. each year.

Animal activists are fighting to combat this problem through a variety of methods. Dog adoption, as encouraged in speed dating, has been popularized in recent years, and online sites such as Petfinder.com and ASPCA have made it easier than ever for interested owners to adopt.

While some people still look to breeders, many others have turned against them. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals released an ad campaign that went so far as to blame pet owners who purchase a dog, asking, "If you buy a dog, what will you do with the shelter dog you kill?"

According to the Associated Press, animal experts believe spaying and neutering has actually played the biggest role in saving lives.

Some organizations are getting more creative. 600million.org is an organization working on an animal sterilization pill to control the animal population, and in turn, reduce animal abuse and killings.

And now, there's speed dating. As Sanders concludes, "Speed dating for dogs -- Because for so many of these guys, time is running out."


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