WATCH: Dog Is Really Afraid Of Pineapple

WATCH: Dog Is Really Afraid Of Pineapple

We’re with the dog. That pineapple is up to something.

Earlier this month, YouTube user Jolene Creighton uploaded a video of her pit bull, Stella, barking apprehensively at a pineapple on the counter. When the pineapple is placed in front of her, Stella continues to bark and back away, seemingly trying to warn the foolish humans of the imminent threat.

What should we fear, Stella? Is the pineapple an explosive? Poisonous? A secret listening device from Team Cat?

We may never know the true threat we face. And worse yet, it seems the pineapple’s sweet, sticky ways have finally worn Stella’s guard down:

Also, for all the flack they get for being so tough, pit bulls are starting to seem like real wimps. Between Stella and this pit bull who's afraid of farts, we're becoming convinced they're just big babies.

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