Donations Pour In For Devoted Dog Who Suffered 3rd-Degree Burns Saving Family From Fire

This is what unquestioning loyalty looks like.

The Williams family of East Point, Georgia, was fast asleep Tuesday morning when their home caught fire. But, thanks to their 14-year-old chow chow, Chuckey, they all made it out safely. The dog's abnormally loud howling alerted the family in time, saving all six members spanning four generations, reported CBS46.

Firefighters arrived at 5 a.m. to find the house engulfed in flames.

"We'd have all been dead (without the dog barking)," Anita Williams told CBS46.

While Chuckey survived the fire as well, he was the last one to leave the home and ended up suffering from serious, third-degree burns that required extensive treatment, according to his veterinarian. Williams said she was in desperate need of help to provide Chuckey with the care he needed.

After CBS46 aired their story, strangers flooded Southwest Veterinary Clinic with $3,500 in donations, which was enough to get Chuckey the care he needed, as well as having money left over to help the family after their home was destroyed.

Brave Chuckey isn't the only pup whose strong instincts have saved his owner's life.

Earlier this year, a rescued greyhound puppy named Clobberhead noticed a gas leak in his new home in Shelbyville, Indiana, while his owner, Erin Cramer, was home sick. His sudden avoidance of the ground floor of the house led to her discovering the leak in her hot water heater, according to Fox 59.

Later she found out that sparks caused by the heater could have lit the gas and caused a large explosion in her home. Thanks to Clobber -- the family's nickname for him -- they were able to tend to the leak before potentially losing their lives.

To make a donation to the Southwest Veterinary Clinic call 404-349-9576.



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