Dog Alerts Man To Pregnant Wife's Life-Threatening Seizures

Dog Alerts Man To Pregnant Wife's Life-Threatening Seizures

Last Friday, New Yorker Janelle Giannetta's dog Louie gave her the best birthday present -- he saved her life and that of her unborn baby.

According to Newsday, Giannetta was 26 weeks pregnant when she began to suffer seizures from a previously undetected condition.

The year-old goldendoodle, affectionately known as Louie the Leaper, is not typically a barker , he Giannetas told Newsday. So when husband Richard Giannetta heard him barking incessantly from the bedroom where his wife was resting after her 28th birthday party, he went to see what the problem was.

"I heard the dog barking like crazy, like I’ve never heard him bark before," he told a CBS reporter.

Richard found Louie atop the bed where Janelle was seizing and foaming at the mouth. He quickly called 911 and his wife was taken to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with eclampsia. A quick Caesarean section helped saved the baby.

"In my opinion, the dog is the real hero," Dr. Peter Hong, who diagnosed Janelle, told the paper. "If not for the dog's barking, she could have had one seizure after another, after another ... and she would have gotten care a lot later, and that would have made my job much harder."

"Whatever he wants he can have," Richard told CBS.

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