Dog Who's Allergic To Humans Is Finally Having His Day, Thanks To Rescue Group

If every dog gets its day, this pup's time -- long overdue -- has finally come.

This is Adam, a black Lab taken in by the Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue in Indianapolis. He's a totally happy, healthy, normal dog except for one minor problem: He's allergic to humans.

It's a unique condition Robin Herman, the president of Lucky Dog, had never encountered before. When Adam first came in, she told Indiana's RTV6, she and her staff assumed the dog had fleas and could be fairly easily nursed back to health.

"We fed him the best food possible, got him flea free, gave him baths twice a week, special baths from the vet," Herman recalled to the station of their initial treatment. Though his condition improved, albeit slowly, they knew something else was wrong, and sent off some blood work for testing.

"We could not believe the results," the rescue wrote in an update on its website. "Adam, of all things, is allergic to people." Just "as people can be allergic to dog dander, dogs can be allergic to us and our dander."

Thanks in part to donations, the rescue has paid to develop a special regimen of allergy shots for Adam, which they will begin shortly.

"We just want to make him comfortable, so he doesn’t have to live in a cone. Once we get there, God willing, we’ll find him a home," Herman told The Dodo. "He’s just too sweet and funny … He’s a special little dog."



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