'Dog And Beth: On The Hunt' Premiere: Dog The Bounty Hunter Teaches Tricks Of The Trade (VIDEO)

You can't keep a good bounty hunter down, and Dog the Bounty Hunter proved he is one of the best over eight seasons of his own show. Now, he and his wife, Beth, are back and this time, they're sharing their expertise with other bail bond agencies. The premiere of "Dog and Beth: On the Hunt" saw the husband-and-wife duo heading to Colorado where Dog preached a balance of hard hunting and kindness to the fugitives.

"The more good I give out, the more good comes back," he said. "What it does is, the guy remembers you, the guy recommends you as a business person. You boot his teeth out, he’s gonna spread it all around the jail."

Dog told the Los Angeles Times that he and his wife are doing this to help keep people safe. "We’ve got people getting killed by fugitives, getting hurt, making all kinds of mistakes," he said. "We’re trying to put a stop to that." It's a dangerous job, but he hopes that his expertise can help others be better and safer while doing it.

Newsday was worried about the new show, though. "For better or worse, on the former show the drama the Chapman family faced while running a business was just as compelling as the chases themselves," they said. Will the new show format work as well? Time will tell.

Decide if you like it or not by tuning in to "Dog and Beth: On the Hunt," Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on CMT.

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