Dog And Parrot Battle It Out Paw To Claw For Last Bite Of Yogurt

We've all fought with our siblings or friends over the last bite of a candy bar, or the last piece of gum. Well, this dog and parrot pair are pretty adamant of getting the last lick of yogurt in that cup.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, a little pup and a green parrot duke it out for the treat. Watch as the two go back and forth, each thinking that victory is theirs.

At the 0:26 mark, when the feisty bird manages to snatch the cup away from the dog, the dog looks crestfallen. He looks into the distance with a forlorn stare, probably reflecting on his failure.

But not so fast! At the 0:46 mark, the pup is ready to make a comeback, because, well, defeat is for the weak! He takes back what he believes is his and stuffs his entire face in the yogurt cup to prove it, hastily lapping up the remnants of the yogurt.

Of course, the persistent parrot continues to fight passionately for the cup, and the saga continues ...



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