Dog Appears To Push Man In Wheelchair Through Flood (VIDEO)

One brave dog may be giving Lassie a run for her money.

In a YouTube video uploaded on Sunday, a dog appears to push a man in a wheelchair through a severely flooded street.

Despite the video's poor quality, we thought its potential heroics were too good not to share. We also can't quite tell if the dog is pushing the chair or floating backwards with the current, but either way, the pet is loyally clinging to the man, and that ought to count for something.

The flood's location is unknown, but a woman speaks Russian in the background. According to a translation by The Huffington Post, she says, "God, poor dog," as the pair pass by. She then adds, "Looks like the dog is pushing him."

It wouldn't be unheard of for a dog to pull off such an amazing feat. After all, we've seen videos of dogs pushing cats and humans on scooters, toy cars, and even strollers.

H/T msnNOW

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