Dog Leads Officers On Chase Down Arizona Freeway

Dog Leads Officers On Chase Down Arizona Freeway

A rollover accident on the Red Mountain Freeway yesterday in Arizona resulted in a high-speed chase for public safety officers -- one that involved a little dog.

A dog jumped out of the car involved in the accident, ABC 15 reported, and then ran down the freeway. Officers from the Department of Public Safety chased the dog until they were able to capture it by a freeway median.

Fox and Friends reported that the dog dodged traffic going as fast as 70 miles per hour. Video footage from Fox shows officers riding motorcycles to catch the dog.

Martin Bennett, the officer who finally caught the dog, told ABC 15 he thinks the dog is a Yorkie. The dog's owner was taken to the hospital after the crash, ABC 15 reported.

Bennett said: "I'm sure this will be mentioned at my retirement party years from now," Fox and Friends reported. "I was just happy to get the dog and get him to safety."

This certainly isn't the first pooch to hightail it on a major road. In October, Mango the pomeranian brought Portland traffic to a standstill after the dog wriggled out of her collar.

In that scenario, some of the drivers even got out of their cars to try to catch the dog. And one of the drivers called 9-1-1, saying, "This dog will not stop running, he's gonna have a heart attack, there's about six of us just stopping traffic and trying to corral him," Fox12 Oregon reported.

Mango was eventually caught and reunited with her owner at a nearby high school.

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