This Couple Chose Their Dogs As Maid Of Honor And Best Man

Three cheers for Niko and Phil. 🙌
08/07/2017 02:40pm ET
Life with Malamutes
Emma-Leigh and Shane Matthews included their canine maid of honor and best man in "every part" of their wedding day.

There are many ways to include dogs in a wedding, but this couple dished out the ultimate honor by choosing their two pets as maid of honor and best man.

Emma-Leigh and Shane Matthews got married at an historic mansion in Cumbria, England last month. Alongside their human bridesmaids and groomsmen stood their two fluffy malamutes, Niko and Phil.

“Most venues we tried frowned upon dogs as soon as they saw the size of them or had too many rules about where the dogs could and couldn’t go,” Emma-Leigh said. But in the end, they were able to work it out.

“The dogs were part of every part of the wedding and didn’t really leave our side,” she said.

Life with Malamutes
Niko wore a flowered collar, and Phil wore a bowtie.
Life with Malamutes
The couple chose Abbey House Hotel because it allowed their furry friends.
Life with Malamutes
"I'm a crazy pet mum," Emma-Leigh told HuffPost.

The best man and maid of honor arrived at the venue the day before the wedding with their parents.

On the big day, they walked down the aisle to plenty of awws and chuckles, and Phil filmed the whole thing on a GoPro attached to his collar.

Life with Malamutes
Phil's collar camera caught every part of the nuptials on film.
Life with Malamutes
A bridesmaid and groomsman walked the dogs into the ceremony.

Afterward, the pups hung out with guests and hit the dance floor. They even appeared in decorations form on the Matthews’ wedding cake.

What a fur-bulous day.

Life with Malamutes
Emma-Leigh's friend made custom cake decorations that also featured the couple's cat, who wasn't present at the wedding.
Life with Malamutes
Niko and Phil were the stars of the reception, clearly.
Life with Malamutes
Great job, Niko!
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