Dog Breaks Vocabulary Record: Chaser The Border Collie Understands More Than 1,000 Words (VIDEO)

WATCH: Brilliant Dog Understands Over 1,000 Words, Breaking Vocabulary Record

For some of us, it's hard to imagine our dogs understanding many more words than "sit" and "stay." Many of us can't even teach our dogs those simple words. But a border collie named Chaser has recently demonstrated a comprehension of over 1,000 words, putting many of our pets to shame.

Wofford College conducted a three-year experiment to test a dog's word comprehension limit. They introduced Chaser to 1,022 toys, and then asked her to fetch each one. Toys were grouped at random and placed in a separate room, as seen in this NewScientist video. Psychologist Alliston Reid reports that the dog completed over 838 tests, and always scored at least 90% correct.

The previous record-holder was a dog named Rico, who held a vocabulary of 200 words. Chaser has now far passed Rico in vocabulary knowledge.

Chaser's abilities places her at an intelligence level equivalent to a three-year-old human child. Now if only we could teach children to put away their toys as diligently as this dog...

WATCH this dog show off her vocab knowledge:

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