Some Dog Breeds More Likely To Snag A Date For Men, Women, According To Survey (PHOTOS)

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Having trouble securing a date for Friday night? You might want to blame your dog.

According to a recent survey by mobile pet app Klooff, certain dog breeds are more likely to attract members of the opposite sex than others. And while the results differ slightly among men and women, caring for Labrador retrievers and golden retrievers seem to be a surefire way to get noticed.


The study of 1,000 pet owners and non-owners also revealed that although some pooches might attract singles looking for relationships, some breeds tend to attract individuals just looking for some action.

Men noted that they judged women with chihuahuas as dumb, hot and easy; while women said they viewed men with bulldogs as one-night-stands, according to the report.

Regardless of the breed, at least one woman said there's just something about men who own dogs.

“Dogs say something about you -- that you are charitable, that you are responsible. Guys like that are nice to be around,” Katie Wyatt, 22, told the Akron Beacon Journal.

But knowing which dog breeds are most attractive is only part of the process. So for those looking to maximize the appeal not only of their pet, but of themselves, one dating site provides users with the chance to gauge how similar they are to their pups.

OkCupid features a personality quiz that tells registered users which dog breed they're most like. "It isn't complicated and it isn't terribly scientific, but it is manic fun," the site states.

If you're determined to get a specific breed, be sure to search for rescue organizations that specialize in specific breeds first. And remember, mutts deserve some love, too. Be sure to check out and the ASPCA to learn about adopting a dog in need of a home.

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