Dog 'Bucket List' Let Romeo The Boxer Fulfill All His Wishes

LOOK: Dog 'Bucket List' Let Romeo The Boxer Fulfill All His Wishes

Who says bucket lists are only for people?

After a boxer named Romeo was diagnosed with inoperable bone cancer, his owners set out to fulfill all their dog's dreams by creating a bucket list for the pup.

In a striking series of photographs, the Canadian dog lives it up as he indulges in some of the finer things in life like "paw-dicures" and cheeseburger dinners.

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romeo bucket list
Romeo has his nails painted blue at a doggie salon in British Columbia.

romeo bucket list
The boxer prepares to enjoy a cheeseburger for dinner and even gets to eat at the table.

romeo bucket list
Romeo poses for a "selfie" with owner Riina Cooke at a park where she took him as a puppy.

"I decided to put together a list of fun thing for us to do together, for example, riding a police car and fire engine, having a steak dinner, professional massage, try sushi and to go on a blind date with another boxer," Romeo's owner Riina Cooke explained, according to Express. "We were able to complete them all and Romeo even visited the USA."

romeo bucket list
Romeo sits behind the wheel of a Vancouver Police Department car and plays police dog for a day.

romeo bucket list
On another day, Romeo suits up and takes on the role of firehouse dog.

While Cooke's goal was to enjoy the time left with 9-year-old Romeo, she also aimed to show other dog owners that they too could create a bucket list for their pets.

"I think he's helped a lot of people in a similar position," Cooke told CBC News. "I'm hoping our situation will bring some light to other people who are going through the same thing."

romeo bucket list
Romeo enjoys a day at the pub with owner Jon Cooke.

Sadly Romeo passed away on March 16, but his bucket list has already inspired another pet owner in Canada to create a wish list for her pup.

"I've had hundreds, maybe close to a thousand messages from people, saying this helped them,'' Cooke told "People are saying, 'It inspired us to live out the last days with our cherished family

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