Dog Butt Looks Like Jesus Christ In A Robe (PHOTO)

This Dog's Butt Looks Like Jesus (PHOTO)

Jesus is always with us.

He's on our toast. He's in our fish sticks. He hangs out on our tortillas, our sting rays and our receipts. So is it that surprising, then, to find his holy visage on not one, but two dog butts?

Reddit user Feature_Creature posted a rather old photo of a pug's butt that appears to show Jesus' face, as well as his hands, legs and a long flowing robe. Like the writers at Jezebel -- which posted the photo today -- this is the longest we've ever stared at a dog butt.

And it's not even the only one!

User internet_history also posted a photo of a holy dog butt, "Which is a true miracle if you ask" him:
jesus dog butt

Yes, it's ridiculous. Yes, it's childish. And yes, it may be Photoshopped. What do you think? Check out more "sacred sightings" in our slideshow below, and discuss. Discuss this dog's butt.

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