Couple Uses 11.5-Foot Bed To Maximize Cuddle Time With 5 Cats, 2 Dogs

Real talk -- who wouldn't want such a glorious set-up?!

This couple's pets don't have to fight for snuggle space.

A proud pet owner named Rob and his girlfriend, who together have two dogs and five cats, recently came up with the perfect sleeping arrangement to make the most out of cuddling with their furry friends. The pair pushed together a king-sized mattress with a full-sized one to create what they call a "mega bed" so their pet family could visit their humans comfortably. 

Rob shared a photo of the mega bed on Reddit earlier this month, where it quickly went viral with more than 5,100 upvotes and over 1.4 million views on Imgur

We want one!

According to one of Rob's comments on Reddit, the bed is 6.5 feet long, and 11.5 feet wide. The pet owner told The Huffington Post that his seven pets have loved the new arrangement ever since the bed was created. 

Giant bed + seven cuddle buddies? Sounds like a recipe for success! 


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