Horny Dog Chases Potential Mate, Gets Stuck In Cat Door

"She had that thing stuck on her head so she might not have been in a good mood."

A horny dog had to be freed by fire crews after she got her head stuck in a cat door while chasing down a potential mate.

Keeta was looking out the window of her owners' home in Leicester, England, on Monday morning when she spotted a male dog in the garden. 

The 5-year-old American Bulldog, who was in season, decided to hook up with the other canine and raced for the tiny door designed for felines. Alas, her head fit through the cat door and her body didn't.

She was trapped.

Determined to free herself, Keeta then ripped out the surrounding panel, but the frame remained lodged around her head.

The other dog -- believed to be a smaller terrier -- spotted the gap in the door, and took advantage of the moment to sneak inside, reports the Leicester Mercury.

Homeowner Nigel Page heard the commotion, and walked into his kitchen to spot the pair of pups together. When he opened the door, the male dog sprinted off.

Unable to remove the panel, Page called Leicestershire Fire Service; the firefighters then spent 20 minutes maneuvering the plastic panel safely off Keeta’s head.

Page, who adopted Keeta from a rescue center after she was abused as a puppy, said he was now waiting to see whether she would end up having offspring of her own.

"We don't know whether they've done anything or not," he told the BBC. "The other dog was smaller, a little terrier, but you don't know. She had that thing stuck on her head so she might not have been in a good mood."

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