Abandoned Dog Found Drenched In Motor Oil Just Needs A Bit Of Love To Clean Up Real Nice

When this 2-year-old pup was found, he was in awful condition -- he had large patches of missing fur and was covered in motor oil. But after some much needed loving care, he's now getting a fresh start.

On Aug. 15, Diego, an Airedale terrier and Rottweiler mix, was found tied to a pole outside the San Antonio Humane Society, according to the organization's press release. After rescuing the dog, members of the Humane Society noticed that Diego had been infected with sarcopic mange, which had caused some of his hair to fall out.

diego face
Diego on the night he was rescued.

"When greeted, Diego stood right up with his tail wagging and was ready to enter the SAHS," the Humane Society said in their statement.

The organization treated the pup, giving him several baths to remove the oil. Less than a week after his rescue, Diego was placed a foster home, according to News4 San Antonio.

diego after
Diego after some treatment from the San Antonio Humane Society.

The Humane Society said that Diego was likely covered in motor oil because his previous owner believed that the oil could treat the sarcopic mange, a condition in which mites burrow under the skin leading to hair loss and extreme itchiness, according to the organization's statement. They explained that it's a common misconception that motor oil will suffocate mites and cure the condition.

While Diego has found a foster home to care for him, his recovery process isn't over yet. The Humane Society says that they are still in need of funds to pay for his medication and treatment, according to News4.

To find out how you can help Diego, visit the organization's website here.



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