Dog Covered With Oil Rescued

Bentley the Shih Tzu was the victim of a terrible person. Bentley was dropped at a shelter in Meltham, England, covered with mats and smelling like oil.

After enduring a lifetime of abuse and terrible neglect, Bentley was shy and timid around people, who wouldn't be after being treated so poorly for so long?


Kathy Trout a shelteer volunteer was brought to tears. "His coat was so covered in petrol, a drink of water may have poisoned him if any fur had got in his mouth."

In order to groom Bentley he had to be sedated, and it took five hours to get all the mats and oil off of the poor little guy.

Bentley has started warming up to the rescuers currently watching over him. Of course the more time Bentley spends with people who care for animals and love them unconditionally, the more he will trust once again.


The individual whom allowed Bentley to reach this condition deserves no kindness or compassion. Hopefully Bentley will be adoptable soon, and will know the true joys of being in a loving home.

Rescue Idiot
Chris Stallone