Delta Airlines Passenger Devastated After Dog Disappears From Flight

Delta Airlines passenger Frank Romano was waiting for his flight to take off from Los Angeles to Tampa, Florida, when he was informed that his dog had gone missing.

The dog is a 6-year-old rescue pit bull named Ty, according to CBS Los Angeles, and Romano said the airline employee gave him a confusing message.

“She said your dog bit through the kennel. And we need you to just identify the dog," he told CBSLA. "And then she changed her story that they couldn’t find my dog. And that the dog had been lost for an hour."

ABC reports that although Ty is microchipped, the airline has not been able to locate him since his disappearance from the Oct 31. flight.

"Delta continues to investigate what happened but early indications show procedures were followed and the dog may have compromised the kennel on its own," Delta rep Morgan Durrant told The Huffington Post. "Delta immediately worked with LAX airport teams and the customer to locate the dog but was unsuccessful. We remain in contact with this customer and we are fully supporting the search for their pet. Delta understands that pets are an important member of the family and regrets this occurred while this pet was entrusted to our care."

As for Romano, he's desperately hoping his missing dog turns up.

“I keep praying and wishing for him to come back,” he told ABC. “He’s my best friend. He would cheer me up when I was down. He would put his head on my leg or stomach and look at me with his puppy dog eyes.”