Dog Diet Tips: How To Slim Down An Overweight Pet

A friend recently shared that she would have a major problem if someone tried to control when, what and how much she ate.

“I would KILL them,” she said. “And maybe eat them.”

Pet owners dictate exactly how much kibble goes into those bowls each day — yet the majority of our pets are overweight. Perhaps those sad faces and lingering looks weaken our resolve. Whatever tactic your pet uses to score extra treats, a good offense often serves as the best defense. When one of her three cats was diagnosed as obese, Vryce Hough got creative and installed high-tech doors that limited each cat’s access to kibble. Dog trainer Sarah Wilson offers a few low-tech options to help dogs shed excess baggage in multiple-pet households.

List and captions courtesy of the Mother Nature Network

How can I help my dog lose weight?