Dog Ears Music: Decoration Day Playlist

John Lee Hooker

Song: Decoration Day

Album: The Best of John Lee Hooker, 1965-1974

Genre: Blues

Bee Gees

Song: Soldiers

Album: Living Eyes

Genre: Rock


Song: I Remember You

Album: Get Close (Remastered)

Genre: Rock

Bernard Herrmann

Song: Lincoln Memorial

Album: The Day the Earth Stood Still (Soundtrack From the Motion Picture)

Genre: Soundtrack


Song: Human Beings

Album: Human Beings-EP

Genre: Alternative


Song: Abraham Lincoln

Album: Holopaw

Genre: Alternative

Carly Simon

Song: Memorial Day

Album: Spy

Genre: Rock

Spike Jones

Song: Sailin' on the Robert E. Lee

Album: (Not) Your Standard Spike Jones Collection

Genre: Jazz

Marvin Etzioni & Steve Earle

Song: Ain't No Work in Mississippi

Album: Marvin Country!

Genre: Americana

Snow Patrol

Song: Make This Go On Forever

Album: Eyes Open

Genre: Alternative

Frank Stokes

Song: Bunker Hill Blues

Album: Masters of Memphis Blues, CD C

Genre: Blues

Neil Diamond

Song: On the Robert E. Lee

Album: The Jazz Singer (Original Songs From the Motion Picture)

Genre: Soundtrack

Whatever Hippie Bitch

Song: General Grant

Album: Lotus Bleu

Genre: Alternative

Bill Evans

Song: Time Remembered

Album: The Best of Bill Evans (Remastered)

Genre: Jazz

The B-52's

Song: Hero Worship

Album: The B-52's

Genre: Pop

Joe Henry

Song: Civil War

Album: Civilians

Genre: Alternative

Blue Öyster Cult

Song: Fireworks

Album: Spectres (Legacy Edition)

Genre: Rock

The Raconteurs

Song: Broken Boy Soldier

Album: Broken Boy Soldiers

Genre: Alternative

Animal Collective

Song: Kids on Holiday

Album: Sung Tongs

Genre: Rock

Bibi Tanga & Le Professeur Inlassable

Song: At War

Album: Yellow Gauze

Genre: R&B/Soul

Artie Shaw and His Orchestra

Song: Traffic Jam (Remastered 2001)

Album: The Essential Artie Shaw

Genre: Jazz

Burning Spear

Song: No More War

Album: Man in the Hills & Dry and Heavy

Genre: Reggae

Elton John

Song: Talking Old Soldiers

Album: Tumbleweed Connection (Remastered)

Genre: Rock

Ramblin' Jack Elliott

Song: Please Remember Me

Album: A Stranger Here

Genre: Singer/Songwriter