Dog Ears Music Near-Miss Day Playlist: Remember the Epic Asteroid of '89?!

Joe Meek and The Blue Men

Song: Orbit Around the Moon

Album: I Hear a New World

Genre: Pop


Song: Gamma Ray (Jay Reatard Version)

Album: Gamma Ray (Jay Reatard Version) - Single

Genre: Alternative

Burt Bacharach

Song: The Last One to Be Loved

Album: Burt Bacharach Plays His Hits

Genre: Pop

PJ Harvey

Song: Missed

Album: Rid of Me

Genre: Rock

Semantic Noise

Song: Free Orbit

Album: Trust the Stars

Genre: Electronic

The Buggles

Song: Astroboy (And the Proles on Parade)

Album: The Age of Plastic

Genre: Pop

John Mellencamp

Song: Longest Days

Album: Life, Death, Love and Freedom

Genre: Rock

Butthole Surfers

Song: Space

Album: Electriclarryland

Genre: Alternative

Frank Sinatra

Song: Satisfy Me One More Time

Album: Some Nice Things I've Missed

Genre: Vocal

Gin Wigmore

Song: Dying Day

Album: Holy Smoke

Genre: Pop

Beastie Boys

Song: Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament

Album: Hot Sauce Committee Part Two

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Men Without Hats

Song: The Safety Dance

Album: Rhythm of Youth

Genre: Pop

The Real Tuesday Weld

Song: Asteroids

Album: The Return of the Clerkenwell Kid

Genre: Alternative

Good Old War

Song: No Time

Album: Only Way to Be Alone (Bonus Version)

Genre: Singer/Songwriter

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Song: Satellite

Album: Fruit

Genre: Pop


Song: Asteroids

Album: Strawberry

Genre: Alternative

Loudon Wainwright III

Song: Last Man on Earth

Album: Last Man on Earth

Genre: Singer/Songwriter


Song: Friction

Album: Marquee Moon

Genre: Rock


Song: Set Fire to the Rain

Album: 21

Genre: Pop

Electric Light Orchestra

Song: Don't Bring Me Down

Album: All Over the World-The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra

Genre: Pop

Thomas Dolby

Song: The Flat Earth

Album: The Flat Earth

Genre: Pop

The Mighty Hannibal

Song: We're Gonna Make It

Album: Hannibalism!

Genre: R&B/Soul

Junior Parker

Song: Tomorrow Never Knows

Album: Funny How Time Slips Away (Digital Only)

Genre: Jazz

The Davis Sisters

Song: Jesus Steps Right In

Album: When Gospel Was Gospel

Genre: Inspirational

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