Dog Ears Music: Resolution & Regret Playlist

John Coltrane

Song: Pt. II-Resolution

Album: A Love Supreme (Deluxe Edition)

Genre: Jazz

Vitamin String Quartet

Song: Regret

Album: The String Quartet Tribute to New Order & Joy Division

Genre: Rock/Classical

Talking Heads

Song: Memories Can't Wait

Album: Fear of Music (Remastered)

Genre: Rock

Bill Frisell

Song: Drink

Album: Disfarmer

Genre: Jazz

Paul McCartney

Song: Dance Tonight

Album: Memory Almost Full

Genre: (Really) Paul McCartney

Junior Parker

Song: Tomorrow Never Knows

Album: Love Ain't Nothin' But a Business Goin' On

Genre: R&B/Soul

David Bowie

Song: Changes

Album: ChangesBowie

Genre: Pop

Mike James Kirkland

Song: It's Too Late

Album: Doin' It Right

Genre: R&B/Soul

Jamie Lidell

Song: What Is It This Time

Album: Multiply

Genre: Soul

Sara Evans

Song: What That Drink Cost Me

Album: Stronger

Genre: Country

Mumford & Sons

Song: Hold On to What You Believe (Live)

Album: Deluxe Companion

Genre: Alternative

Griffin House

Song: When the Time Is Right

Album: Flying Upside Down

Genre: Rock

The Magic Numbers

Song: Tonight

Album: Undecided-EP

Genre: Rock

Marilyn Manson

Song: Eat Me, Drink Me

Album: Eat Me, Drink Me (Bonus Track Version)

Genre: Alternative

Asaf Avidan & The Mojos

Song: Painting on the Past

Album: Poor Boy / Lucky Man

Genre: Alternative

Merle Haggard

Song: Someday We'll Look Back

Album: 40 Greatest Hits

Genre: Country

Amy Winehouse

Song: Wake Up Alone

Album: Back to Black

Genre: R&B/Soul

Ada Jones & Billy Murray

Song: Kiss Me, My Honey Kiss Me

Album: Kiss Me, My Honey Kiss Me-Single

Genre: Jazz

Billy Preston

Song: The Masquerade Is Over

Album: The Most Exciting Organ Ever

Genre: R&B/Soul

Blind Lemon Jefferson

Song: Happy New Year Blues

Album: Blues, Blues Christmas (1925-1955)

Genre: Holiday/Blues

Jeff Buckley

Song: New Year's Prayer

Album: Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk

Genre: Rock


Song: High and Dry

Album: The Bends

Genre: Alternative