Dog Ears Music: 'Stuffy Turkey'

This week's playlist includes music by Thelonious Monk, Honeycut, John Prine, and more.
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Genre: Jazz

Artist: Thelonious Monk

Song: Stuffy Turkey

Album: It's Monk's Time

Genre: Jazz

Artist: Fletcher Henderson

Song: Stealin' Apples

Album: Ken Burns Jazz-Fletcher Henderson

Genre: Alt-Country/Rock

Artist: Maria McKee (Lone Justice)

Song: Soap, Soup and Salvation

Album: Lone Justice

Genre: Soul/Electro Rock

Artist: Honeycut

Song: Dysfunctional

Album: The Day I Turned to Glass

Genre: Country/Singer/Songwriter

Artist: John Prine

Song: Daddy's Little Pumpkin

Album: The Missing Years

Genre: Holiday/Jazz

Artist: Vince Guaraldi (Trio)

Song: Great Pumpkin Waltz

Album: Charlie Brown's Holiday Hits (Remastered)